Kids, Allergies and Squeaky Clean Dishes

Illustration of a child holding an inhaler, scratching a rash and with a running nose.Could using a dishwashing machine increase the chances your child will develop allergies? That’s what some provocative new research suggests — but don’t tear out your machine just yet.

The study involved 1,029 Swedish children (ages 7 or 8) and found that those whose parents said they mostly wash the family’s dishes by hand were significantly less likely to develop eczema, and somewhat less likely to develop allergic asthma and hay fever.

Dr. Bill Hesselmar of Sweden’s University of Gothenburg, who led the study.

The findings are the latest to support the “hygiene hypothesis,” a still-evolving proposition that’s been gaining momentum in recent years. The hypothesis basically suggests that people in developed countries are growing up way too clean because of a variety of trends, including the use of hand sanitizers and detergents, and spending too little time around animals.

Read more and listen to the story at NPR.

(Illustration credit: NPR)

Author: Kevin Mulligan

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