Dear Future Mom…Don’t Be Afraid

As explained by, “The video was inspired by an email sent to CoorDown by a pregnant mother who learned her baby boy would have Down syndrome. “I’m scared,” the mother wrote. “What kind of life will my child have?”

The film features 15 individuals with Down syndrome, each responding to the mother about what she can expect. “Don’t be afraid,” one of them says.”

Dear Future Mom…Don’t Be Afraid.

Author: Kevin Mulligan

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  • Donna Maringelli Tine

    watch that and TRY not to cry!! So beautiful.

    • Kevin Mulligan

      Isn’t it, Donna? Like many of the recently posted videos, this one makes me both smile and teary-eyed at the same time!

      • Donna Maringelli Tine

        agreed. And as an older mom – one who was reminded more times then I care to tell you that the child I was carrying could have down syndrome, it really spoke to me. I know the whole time I was pregnant I was like, if that’s what is in the cards for us, I’m pretty sure I can handle it. I’ll spend a lifetime worrying about my two “normal healthy” kids – maybe the worry is a little deeper when your child has special needs – but worry, hope, love – that goes with the territory for all of us…

        • Kevin Mulligan

          Definitely. These emotions are indeed universal to parenthood. As parents, our job is to do the best possible job that we can do to raise kind and loving kids. If we succeed in this, everything else is gravy!