Disabled People Must Fight for a Different Society

“The oppressor must suffer, like the oppressed,” hip-hop artist Akala raps on his latest track Find No Enemy, and the message is a powerful one. For disabled people, our needs and wishes are being presided over by a cabinet of millionaires who have no idea of the daily struggles we face, and never will. How dare this government even suggest thescrapping of the disability living allowance? Is the clue not in the title – an allowance, to help disabled people get by? And let us ask David Cameron himself if he would be able to accommodate the extra needs of living with a serious disability with £73.60 a week, the highest rate of DLA available?

Cameron says that he will put money into services for disabled people, but it is not simply services that disabled people need. It is the independence to make our own decisions and determine our own futures. It is this government’s fundamental failure to recognise this fact that will ConDem us all.

Read the whole story at the Guardian.

Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Author: Kevin Mulligan

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  • Kevin Mulligan

    I love the last paragraph of this story, “As Frederick Douglass said, power concedes nothing without a demand. Disabled people, and all people, must demand our rights every single day, until the people in power are forced to concede.” How true!